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Support for TS-7KV video board on TS-7200/TS-7250:
10/21/2005, Jesse Off <>

*) Default kernels shipped with TS-7200's before 10/27/2005 do not have video 
   support, so you must update your kernel image from redboot.  Kernels for 
   TS-7200/TS-7250 are provided in this directory.  

   There are many ways to get the new kernel into RedBoot, I will briefly go 
   over one way that involves using the internet.  To continue, make sure you
   have configured RedBoot with a network configuration that can reach the 
   internet.  You may use the RedBoot "fconfig" command to set network 
   parameters.  Get to the "RedBoot>" prompt by hitting Ctrl-C key immediately 
   after power-on and type the following commands.  

   RedBoot> load -v -r -b 0x00218000 -m http -h /ftp/ts-7kv/vmlinux-ts7200-ts9.bin

   -OR- (if you have a TS-7250):

   RedBoot> load -v -r -b 0x00218000 -m http -h /ftp/ts-7kv/vmlinux-ts7250-ts9.bin

   RedBoot> fis delete vmlinux
   RedBoot> fis create -b 0x00218000 -l 0x160000 vmlinux

   If RedBoot gives you an error about not understanding the "-m http" option,
   you have an older version of RedBoot and must instead load the kernel via
   a local TFTP server.

*) Once the new kernel is installed and booted, you need to extract the 
   new modules for TS-7KV framebuffer and serial port into /lib/modules.  
   To do this, you must upload the file "linux24-ts9-modules.tar.gz" to the 
   TS-72xx using the embedded FTP server and extract using the "tar" command
   into the / directory.  Once the new modules are extracted, you may 
   optionally delete the old module directory for the old kernel in /lib/modules/ 
   to reclaim flash space.

*) Lastly, for you to see a text-mode login prompt when you boot your
   TS-7200/TS-7250, you must extract the file ts7kv-tslinux-console-kit.tar.gz
   also into the / directory.  This file contains an init.d startup script that
   detects the TS-7KV, loads the FPGA firmware, loads the TS-7KV modules (and
   USB keyboard and mouse modules also for convenience), and starts a login
   prompt (getty) on the newly formed Linux text console.  Note that this
   tarfile is only good for the onboard flash mini-Linux installation.  To use
   the TS-7KV on a 256Mb CF development kit Debian version, you will need to
   instead extract the ts7kv-debian-console-kit.tar.gz.